Soap and stories

After finding myself inspired to make soaps that reflected a rather nasty incident, a friend recommended that I write about where i get my inspiration from! 

So, I call this page....Soap and Stories!!!

My soap Journey started in 2002 when i was studying Holistic therapy, I loved the subject but realised that i am not over keen on touching people that I dont know!! I became pregnant with my daughter later that year and although I managed to complete my course, it was impossible to start a new business with a new baby and a self employed partner! 

I found myself making soap as a hobby, i found it relaxing. Life didnt go very well for us I am sad to say and i put everything on hold to raise my daughter, eventually raising her single handedly and I suffered mental health problems. In therapy, I was asked what I could do, I replied nothing. I could do nothing. oh but I could make soap..and I made my own washing powder. With a lot of support and therapy I started my own business in 2013. 

I managed to do and learn a lot in the next few years but I gave up my business in 2018 after the sudden death of my best friend (and other reasons)

In march this year (2020) my neice, a junior Doctor at the time, asked me to make soap for the staff at the hospital where she was working during the pandemic.I thought 'why not?' I got busy and my love for soap making was rekindled. My first soaps were the bubble ducks, My friend had always loved them so they are my little tribute to her and I named the new business after them. I have been extremely busy making the mini soaps to take to hospitals, foodbanks, old folks homes, supported housing and many other places. In fact nearly £300 worth of soaps have gone out in the past 4 months. Donations came flooding in and its always a joy to put these together and send them out!

There is a lot more I could tell you all about the inspirational joys and the tantrums life often throws my way but I will save those tales for another day. I often make mistakes with my soap, sometimes those mistakes turn out wonderful and other times those mistakes get remelted into mini soaps and taken to the Hospitals etc. Soap making is often about expression and inspiration but it is mostly about experimentation. I really hope you enjoy my soaps as much as I enjoy making them xxx Kate xxx